Highlights of my Byron Katie day in London 

Byron Katie

Byron Katie

To me it’s always a delight (and challenge) to be with Katie – she is forthright and simultaneously gracious, totally non judgemental and definitely not shockable; she’s at peace with life, herself and the people around her.  What a privilege …

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Byron Katie is in London on Saturday 13 July

Some of you know I participated in The School for the Work last July – 9 days – the ultimate inner adventure – a transformative experience.  I‘ll be in London on 13/7 to be re-inspired by her approach to Loving What Is.
It all starts with …

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First Tuesday – An Evening of ME Time


Ann Beazer First Tuesday

First Tuesday – Launch day August 6 – An Evening of ME time – 7-9pm. Several of you have already expressed interest in this – thank you. The aim is to have an evening off, enjoy a little creativity …

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Patrick Holford’s Total Transformation Day

Patrick Holford’s Total Health Transformation Day was most informative as I anticipated. He was his usual maverick self, a style that I happen to enjoy. The supporting materials were excellent with an emphasis on creating an Action Plan at the end of the day – right up my street! Apart from the theory we also …

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Confessions – went to a Cliff Richard Concert

Cliff Richard live in Concert
Confessions – went to a Cliff Richard concert on Saturday.  I enjoyed the music, the professionalism and enjoyment the performers themselves were having. Above all I was impressed by Sir Cliff’s energy.   1 hr 40mins on stage …

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Vision Boards

Vision boards from a Visioning day Workshop with Ann Beazer – let your imagine flow, explore how you really want to spend your life!

The next Visioning Workshop is being held on Saturday 15th June 2013 – Eleuthera Studio near Chichester, West Sussex,  Contact me for further details.


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What is Visioning?

What is visioning?

Purposeful daydreaming applied to the real issues of life; a private, absorbing, enjoyable and often surprising activity.  It’s an opportunity to listen to the whisper within.  People find that this approach gentle, enjoyable and surprisingly profound.

Olympic athletes spend as long rehearsing their minds as they do practising on the track. Visioning takes this approach to …

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Visioning for Singles

Hallo everyone

I do hope that you have some special plans for this Bank Holiday weekend – even if it’s to do nothing much except read a book or whatever you do to relax.  The weather is improving, so the weather forecasters tell us; hopefully we can all enjoy being outdoors.  Wouldn’t that be delightful?  (There’s a gale down …

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Why Kindness is good for you

I have recently read Why Kindness is Good for You by David R Hamilton; another Hay House ‘help you to feel good’ book!  The title of the first chapter grabbed me – Kindness is the Best Medicine.   If you are intrigued by scientific data that backs up a lot of what we ‘know/believe’ to be true, then …

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What really makes a ‘right’ decision?

I meet many people faced with BIG decisions about their careers and lives; situations in which they are naturally concerned to make the RIGHT choices.

But how do we do that?

Our intuitive nature is extremely reliable but social norms (in the West at least) tend to demand that we downplay our non rational abilities. We often …

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