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November’s News 2013

Hi everyone.

I wish you the very best whatever you’re involved with this coming week.

1)   Announcement re First Tuesdays
2)   Mindfulness
3)   Brain foods – with a difference
4)   Work with Passion Coaching


Chris & I are really benefitting from the weekly sessions taking place in Eleuthera with Sean Collins, our Mindfulness teacher.   It’s amazing how we are both managing …

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Ruby Wax Reinvented

Ruby Wax Sane New World by Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax in her staccato and irreverend style has more on the theme of “You Can Change your Mind and How You Think” in her book ‘Sane New World’.  She takes the lid …

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Highlights of my Byron Katie day in London 

Byron Katie

Byron Katie

To me it’s always a delight (and challenge) to be with Katie – she is forthright and simultaneously gracious, totally non judgemental and definitely not shockable; she’s at peace with life, herself and the people around her.  What a privilege …

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Byron Katie is in London on Saturday 13 July

Some of you know I participated in The School for the Work last July – 9 days – the ultimate inner adventure – a transformative experience.  I‘ll be in London on 13/7 to be re-inspired by her approach to Loving What Is.
It all starts with …

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Patrick Holford’s Total Transformation Day

Patrick Holford’s Total Health Transformation Day was most informative as I anticipated. He was his usual maverick self, a style that I happen to enjoy. The supporting materials were excellent with an emphasis on creating an Action Plan at the end of the day – right up my street! Apart from the theory we also …

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Visioning for Singles

Hallo everyone

I do hope that you have some special plans for this Bank Holiday weekend – even if it’s to do nothing much except read a book or whatever you do to relax.  The weather is improving, so the weather forecasters tell us; hopefully we can all enjoy being outdoors.  Wouldn’t that be delightful?  (There’s a gale down …

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