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I am sure, like me, you have enjoyed this year’s glorious summer, relishing the freedom of time outdoors and the relaxation that warmth and sunshine bring.

I do hope you have had some ‘play’ time, whatever form that takes for you; when minutes or hours passed by unnoticed as you ‘watched the world go by’, laughed with friends, read a book, were creative or in some way nurtured yourself.

Now it’s back to school

Ann and LuciaBack to school for me means my very own master class with Lucia Capacchione in California later this month!  I shall be extending my Creative Journal & Visioning training with a practical process (you know how I love those) Embedding the Change. More anon.






Energy Medicine

Donna Eden Energy Medicine

Expect to be introduced to the simple 5 minute daily energy routine when you’re next at Eleuthera.

Back in May Chris and I were privileged to participate in a weekend introduction to Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and David Feinstein. We had an intriguing and refreshing time that made a significant impact on both of us in different ways.

We had an intriguing and refreshing time that made a significant impact on both of us in different ways.  Intensely practical; we learned a range of simple exercises to optimise energy flows within the body, necessary for health and well being.   It all made sense both to me, the enthusiast, as well as to Chris, the questioning observer.   It’s not nearly so mysterious as it at first may sound. Energy Medicine complements traditional western medicine and is easily practised by anyone.

Watch 71 year old Donna – a great example of the results of practicing what she preaches…


Work with Passion

Common needs…

  • A job or profession past its sell by date.
  • Moving beyond the hurt of redundancy
  • Exhausted by being limited and not being able to make a difference or do what ‘I believe in’.

Discover MY Way = Work with Passion designed for teens:

Typical needs:

  • Wanting to feel comfortable about making the right A level or further education course choices.
  • Needing confidence to make their ‘MY own decisions’ despite all the pressures.

For future available coaching dates:
email: ann.beazer@me.com

Life ‘On’ Purpose

Here’s some advice from Louise Gagnon a professional coach and member of the Eleuthera community…

“Keep spending yourself well and deliberately in line with your conscious choices.”

How we spend ourselves – now that is food for thought I am pondering on!

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