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I am writing this in a break between the showers; what ghastly consequences there have been for some people in this stormy weather.   I do hope that you are high and dry, in the best possible sense.

I can report that my 3 intentions for 2014 – to experiment, be creative and to de clutter – are well under way.  In fact there’s been such a big clear out that Chris even asked whether he and Berry, the dog, are in the Trash, Transfer or Treasure category!


Cooperating with the events that have presented themselves I find that my vision “Sharing my work through the written word” has actually begun.   No one is more surprised than me that I have a gently developing belief that perhaps I can write after all.  Wow!


  1. Stick with your dreams,
  2. Be open to the unpredictable,
  3. Welcome surprises and
  4. Discover the effortless path – can that really be true?

It was on 30th January last year that I made the vision board to “Sharing my work through the written word”.    I was not sure what form this would take, when or how.    I had several times been asked “When are you going to write a book Ann?”   Though I had no particular desire to be an author the idea surprisingly began to take hold of me.

I got started straight away since the very day I had created the vision board a participant asked me for advice on nurturing a vision – the all important on-going task for visionaries.  I responded with just a few pages of A4; I had started!

Then last summer I was asked to introduce someone to Creative Journaling, at a distance.   I made an Interactive Journal which required an accompanying ‘user manual’. This challenge led to me producing a first draft of ‘Creative Journal for Expression and Well Being’.  Lo and behold the beginnings of a book had appeared!   (For those of you who have been asking for this there’s still a long way to go.)

Ann Beazer's book in draft

I admit that I have allowed many other ‘busy-nesses’ to take precedence.   To get me going again I am experimenting with an online coaching course in writing for the 28 days this month.   (A year ago I did wonder about the significance of 1+1 and 1wk + 1wk + 1wk +1wk when I stuck them on my collage.)

close-up-vision of Ann's Vision Board

Why am I sharing this incomplete story of my vision? Just to illustrate that opportunities and prompts to action come from the most unusual and unexpected directions once an intention has been set.

 Visioning book by Lucia Capacchione
Here’s one of my favourite quotes from Visioning 10 Steps to Designing the Life of your Dreams by Lucia Capacchione

Visioning follows the pathways of the heart, which are neither linear, rational, nor predictable.  Rather they meander through the field of dreams and turn up the most wonderful surprises.  In this case, the shortest distance and most effortless path between two points is not a straight line.   It’s more like water flowing around rocks in a river bed.”

SO stick with your dreams, be open to the unpredictable, welcome surprises and discover the effortless path.

(The next Visioning workshop is scheduled for Saturday March 22  – see details below.)


I’ve been revisiting the Inner Critic as part of my on line writing course for the month of February. Since many of you have already done exercises grasping control from this unwelcome and inconvenient intruder I am sharing a fun way to acknowledge and give it attention based on a suggestion of Cynthia Morris (www.originalimpulse.com). May I encourage you to invest, say 20 minutes, in taking control of this imposter.

First a review.  Familiar to us all, the inner critic comes in many guises, some more obvious than others.   Character undermining thoughts, ‘I don’t have the confidence to….’, the constant evaluation and destructive reminders of how you failed last time, and the unrealistic absolutes of perfection, that always find us wanting.

In addition this arch discourager’s more subtle ways include the pressure to  focus entirely on pure(!),cool logic.  Apart from the ‘biggies’ like falling in love, have any of us ever made a decision that didn’t require gut/intuitive input alongside cool logic?  Whether making a new friend, selecting a purchase, deciding what to do this evening or planning a holiday, logic alone guarantees to tie us up in knots.

Apart from its many guises be sure that the number one need of this confusing Inner Critic is attention. And most importantly it is possible to meet its need for attention without believing its incessant chatter. Don’t be conned, this chattering is NOT truth.

Action time…..

Schedule a meeting with this saboteur; give it the attention it craves and take back your power from its clutches.  Here are some questions to get you started:

Is the inner critic an ‘it’? What does it look like – colour, shape etc? What does it eat? Where does it live? What is it’s name?  What are its favourite sayings? What does it want from you? And what have you to say to it?

(Tip – use your non dominant hand to maximise creativity and effectiveness.)

NB Finish the meeting picturing yourself as all powerful and in charge.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 17.14.08


What books made the greatest impact on you over recent months? How about a kind of ‘Book Advisor’ entry for the next edition of Eleuthera News?

What book/s have you read that you are still enthusing about?  Would you be willing to share what they were?  Keep it simple – the title, the author and just one line of recommendation.

Fact or fiction, e or paper format

What was most enjoyable?  Most challenging?   Most liberating?   Most absorbing?  Most informative?

Hoping to hear from you.

Here’s my choice –


Stuffocation – Why we’ve had enough of stuff and why you need experience more than ever.   James Wallman

A philosophical thought provoking approach to stuff (NOT a ‘how to’ book).

My next workshop –  Visioning ® 

Saturday 22 March –  Create your Vision for 2014

Whether you want to make big decisions or none, a day invested in cutting up magazines, making a collage of images and words will produce results, I promise.

£75.00 includes the day’s workshop, plus 3 one on one Skype or telephone conversations to support you in nurturing your vision.

Materials and a delicious lunch (largely vegetarian) are also provided.

‘A simple enjoyable activity with profound consequences.’

For for information view my page on Visioning and to book a place contact me

Work with Passion Coaching

I have met several individuals recently who are basically ‘too big for their jobs’ and who are consequently spending a lot of energy trying to fit themselves into a small corner.

I encourage people to listen to the voice of discontent about their work – whatever form it takes.  Why? Because it’s the very energy that enables them to find the new future that they want but often can’t imagine or feel they deserve.

I absolutely believe in the power of clarity.  The activities I offer are designed to allow a clearer picture to emerge.   The journey of discovering what you DON’T want as well as what you DO want takes time and patience; that’s what Work with Passion coaching is designed to enable you to achieve.

For for information view my page on Work with Passion and to book a place contact me

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