Creative Journal

Tap into Your Intuitive Wisdom

There’s no need to have a journal to get started, a few sheets of blank paper will do initially.

Find a few different writing instruments that you have at home e.g. pencil, pen, coloured pens, fibre pens, felt pens, highlighter pens, pencils or crayons (they’re not just for children)?

The 1,2,3 of keeping a Journal

There are simply 3 steps:-

1  Get Ready

2  Download

3  So What?


1. Get Ready – To begin

Decide what tools to use:

Pencil, pen, colours, gel pens, crayons, paint etc

It’s always a good idea to add the date and perhaps a tittle

2. Download – Commit your ideas to paper

Use words:  Stories, poetry, graffiti, letters, dialogues etc

Or Beyond words using: Doodles, symbols, photos, images, (e.g. from magazines), drawings, paintings, collage etc.

3. So What? – Reflect

How do you FEEL as a result?

Are you left with a THOUGHT?

Sometimes the task may lead to an ACTION you want to take


Here are 3 activities you may like to try…

Activity 1 – Right now

1. Get Ready

Paper and a few different markers / Note the date

2. Download

Fill a page with a doodle or a word or two that illustrate how you feel right at this very moment

3. So What?

How do you FEEL? Are you left with a THOUGHT? ACTION?


Activity 2 – Gratitude

1. Get Ready

Find what you need / Note the date

2. Download

Make a list or design a visual showing at least 50 things you are grateful for.

eg. sunshine, dinner, being able to see, having a phone, visiting x, friends etc

NB. Nothing is too small to mention

3. So What?

Has it reminded you of what you take for granted?


Activity 3 – Anger

1. Get Ready

Journal and writing implements / Note the date

Note the date

2. Download

Think of someone who frustrates you. Allow yourself to ‘scream’ on paper and tell them exactly how you feel – you can be rude and even exaggerate the impact she/he has on you. (They won’t see this so you can say it just as it is.) What would you ideally like the person to do differently?  Finish the letter by completing the sentence. Could you help me by…

3. So What?

Does it FEEL better or worse to have written this down?
THOUGHT – it may have helped you to be more objective.
Have you begun to see things from the other person’s 
point of view?