Career Transitions

Considering any career move is a big deal.   You want to make the right decision but there are so many factors to consider.    How can you make the right decision?   What tools and techniques might help?  Where do you start?  Do you identify with any of the following?

♦  Would you like to breathe new life into your existing job?
♦  Have you been made redundant?
♦  Are you in need of a fresh challenge?
♦  Are you stuck and low on energy?
♦  You are wondering what else you could do
♦  You just need ‘real’ time to make decisions about your future

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions there’s hope ahead.

Help Yourself

There is a way through the maze of confusion,worry and doubt that goes along with developing your career.

Work with Passion has a unique way of enabling you to explore what you really want to do,  identify your skills and  link with  your enthusiasms and passions, so that you can find a way forward that fits you.  Work with Passion is much more than just finding another job.


Take a look at the Work with Passion workshop.