Highlights of my Byron Katie day in London 

Byron Katie

Byron Katie

To me it’s always a delight (and challenge) to be with Katie – she is forthright and simultaneously gracious, totally non judgemental and definitely not shockable; she’s at peace with life, herself and the people around her.  What a privilege to spend time with this wisdom figure who is clearly living out her passion – TO RELIEVE THE SUFFERING WE CAUSE OURSELVES BY OUR THOUGHTS ie BY THE WAY WE THINK ABOUT LIFE’S EVENTS AND THE PEOPLE IN OUR LIVES.

Over the years I have been with Katie in London on 3 different days and last summer spent 9 intensive days on The Work. I still consider myself to be on the nursery slopes and continue to learn.  It’s entitled ‘The Work’ for very good reason.   We cannot be at peace unless our mind is at peace.

There must have been 300+ people at the event experiencing together that there are really no new stressful thoughts – we share the same ones!

They stick to us like velcro unless we examine them and that’s best done on paper starting with the Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet  (really good stuff for journal writers).  Instead of spending time and energy trying not to think ‘bad’ thoughts,  the aim is  to acknowledge, question and let go of the thoughts that take us prisoner.  This form of ‘Enquiry’ is totally different from rationalising or repeating the hurts of the story/event, as we are inclined to do.

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It was good to be reminded again that there are only 3 types of business:

My business, Your business and God’s business.   The only one I need to look after is My Business!

There is nothing out of order in life (even though it may feel like chaos).  Everything is for my enlightenment!

Personally I’ve got a very long way to go on that one!

I rate THE WORK App (that I forgot to mention last time).  Always accessible on your phone, it takes you through The Work step by step

 Inaugural First Tuesday – 6.30pm – August 6th 

All are welcome – no booking required.  The theme will be Mandalas. See attached flyer for the topics planned for the next six months.
I look forward to seeing you there. For further information contact

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