Jambo as they say in Kenya


Just 2 topics this month – a workshop for teenagers at half term (see below) as well as a report on our recent visit to the Baobab Kindergarten School near Nairobi, in which many of you have shown an interest, or even supported in some way.

Baobab Kindergarten

Built by a UK Charity and started by a friend of ours who used to live in Kenya, this school exists to make education available to the poorest children who would otherwise be unlikely ever to start on the education ladder. There are 3 classes with children ranging from 4 -6 years of age.  It’s a very happy place with lots of love, laughter and learning!

Children on their first day of school Kenya









On the first day of the new school year in Kenya, mothers gathered from early morning hoping for a place for their child in the entry class. Head Teacher Rose and trustees visited their homes with the difficult task of ascertaining who had the greatest need.  (Sadly there are always more hopeful pupils than places available.)  Here is Head Teacher Rose carrying out such an interview.

teacher at Baobab school

Middle and top class children were excited to be back at school after their long holiday.   They were hungry and looking forward to their freshly prepared lunch, cooked on the premises; an essential part of the Baobab offering.  Hungry children cannot learn.

Children in Class at Baobab school NairobiAnn Beazer with the children from Baobab Kindergarten

It’s always challenging to be reminded again of the daily struggles of the majority world and therefore to be thankful for the comfort of the privileged lives we can all too easily take for granted.

Masai Mara Safari parkMasai Mara

And that privilege enabled us to enjoy a visit to the Masai Mara for a couple of days to see an amazing variety of animals that most Kenyans never see.

Workshop with Ann Beazer Discover my way

A half term workshop for young people in year 12 wondering what course to apply for and where to apply.

The aim is to enable young people to discover more about themselves and to make the BIG decisions they face with confidence.

Spread over 3 days – the workshop starts at 2 pm Tuesday 16 February, continues all day Wednesday and finishes by lunch time on Thursday 18th February 2016.

More about the content at  Discover my way 

Do feel free to call me on 07590 916762 to learn more.