January 2014


I don’t know where you stand on resolutions.  You may love or hate them; you may find them helpful and hope inducing or frustrating and an opportunity to beat yourself up at the first inconsistency! I’ve decided to ask myself 3 on going questions in 2014.

(These were stimulated when reading the detailed 2013 review of Cynthia Morris (author, coach and artist) whilst I was in the slow lane.
(https://www.originalimpulse.com/blog/year-in-review/ then hit download)

What am I planning to EXPERIMENT with in 2014?
Without doubt experimenting/playing (ie trying something I haven’t done before) is beneficial in every way.  Yet I find that I’m often too busy and ‘grown up’ to play!

And I have to face the fact failure is a necessary part of experimentation and learning.   That’s the antithesis of perfectionism – ‘a nasty virus of the mind’ –that I am keen to avoid in 2014.

In what form will I be CREATIVE in 2014?
My definition of creativity is anything that keeps me focused, in flow and unaware of how time is passing.   What does that for you?   Gardening, completing a crossword, taking a walk, baking, singing in a choir, painting, playing a musical instrument, visiting an art gallery, sailing, writing, flying a kite etc.
I have an idea what it might be for me in 2014, what’s yours?

What CLUTTER has to go? 
Something’s got to give, as the saying goes. If I am to start anything new in 2014 something must go to prevent overload.  An unpleasant truth I find hard to face since I am a real hoarder of ideas.   And I must admit that wanting to complete my ‘to do’ list is just plain stupidity!   So putting less on the list is one form of clutter I have to deal with.

And then there’s the stuff needs clearing out.   Do you, like me, feel weighed down with things? I am inspired by an ex colleague, Kevin, who has just spent 7 months travelling from Alaska to Argentina on a motorcycle.   He reports how liberating it has been to live all this time with the limited amount only he could carry on his motorbike.  By the way Kevin recommends the book Stuffocation by James Wallman.  My copy is ordered and on its way!

Regular time for clearing the decks – of the mind and the home – is definitely on the cards for me in 2014.

In summary I don’t aim to experiment, create or de-clutter for their own sake but to be more available for real living!

How about enjoying a day focused on the year ahead?   Whether you want to make big decisions or none, a day spent cutting up magazines, making a collage and considering your choice of images and words will produce results, I promise.   (I know I am bit biased but I never ceased to be amazed at what previous participants report back to me.)

My next workshop Visioning®: 
Saturday 18 January –  Create your Vision for 2014

£75.00 includes the day’s workshop, materials, a delicious lunch (largely vegetarian and organic) plus 3 one on one Skype or telephone conversations to support you in nurturing your vision.

‘A simple enjoyable activity with profound consequences.’

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Work with Passion Coaching

I meet individuals discontent at work for a variety of reasons.  I encourage them to listen to this voice as it is the energy that enables them to find the new future that they can’t quite imagine.  I absolutely believe that it’s all about clarity, so the exercises I offer are designed to gradually allow a clearer picture to emerge.   Really knowing what knowing what you DO want and you DON’T want takes time and patience; that’s what Work with Passion is designed to achieve in detail.

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  1. I love this, Ann! Keep your eye on your prize all throughout the year. I’m excited about what will happen when you de-clutter!


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