Why Kindness is good for you

I have recently read Why Kindness is Good for You by David R Hamilton; another Hay House ‘help you to feel good’ book!  The title of the first chapter grabbed me – Kindness is the Best Medicine.   If you are intrigued by scientific data that backs up a lot of what we ‘know/believe’ to be true, then you might enjoy the book.  It’s not a heavy academic read yet the 37 pages of references demonstrate that the author certainly did his homework.  Oh and I almost omitted to mention that apart from actual stories of kindness there are some really practical suggestions to implement.
Let me briefly summarise the introductory pages of the book:
Kindness can make you happier.  It can alleviate depression and improve your relationships.  It is good for your heart and your immune system, and new studies are even showing that it helps you to live longer.
Compassion has similar benefits.
Gratitude is also extremely healthy.   Apart from many of the afore mentioned benefits gratitude is a good treatment for insomnia.
Forgiveness reduces hurt, anger, stress, anxiety and depression and gives us hope for the future.   It is also good for your heart, as it reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow.
Good relationships are associated with a longer lifespan and a much lower risk of heart disease.
Apparently we are genetically wired to be kind so that’s why it is good for us.

Last Sunday I lead a Creative Journal for Teens workshop.  The young teenagers each set up their own journal and did an array of different exercises throughout the day to  express their feelings and enhance their emotional intelligence.   I’ve produced a small booklet  AN INTRODUCTION TO BEING CREATIVE WITH A JOURNAL FOR TEENS.  Let me know if you would like a copy for any of the teens in your life.

The next Living Well weekend workshop is on 16/17 Feb.   How about giving yourself a weekend to nurture yourself and enhance your energy?   Be encouraged to think well and to respect your body as a partner and friend, as well as enjoying wholesome lunches that are largely plant based and organic whenever possible.

In the spirit of last minute dot com.  I am offering 2 places for the price of one.

There’s more detail at www.annbeazer.com/workshops/living-free

Feb 22- 24 sees me back at The Ammerdown Centre on the theme – Celebrating the Gift of My Life.

or  contact: centre@ammerdown.org  – 01761 433709

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