News From Eleuthera | May 2014


Visioning – Give life to your dreams

Lana Visioning - workshop with Ann Beazer

Lana, a member of the Eleuthera Community, always makes a vision board when she is ready to discover her next step. She knows that trust is key to creating a new reality.

Lana will be at the next Visioning Day on 18 May, would you like to join her?

Visioning Workshop

  • Dare to set an intention
  • Face your blockages
  • Nurture your dream

When:  Sunday May 18
Time:   09.30  – 4.30
Cost:   £50 inc. healthy lunch and materials
Where:    Birdham, near Chichester, West Sussex
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News Flash

This weekend I am off to the USA to attend an Energy Medicine course with Donna Eden. More details next month. In the meantime here is a taster.

Introducing the basic exercises of a 5 minute routine

Work with Passion One to One Coaching

I encourage people to express what makes them tick and explore what they really want. Because I absolutely believe  that finding a new chapter is all about clarity.   Really knowing what you DO want and DON’T want takes time and patience; that’s what Work with Passion is designed to achieve.

For future available coaching dates

 I would like to introduce you to Leanne who was a Cabin Crew Manager when I met her last summer.

“I want a new career, I don’t know what to do.  I just know it has to be something different. All I’ve done is flown and made tea!

Leanne -work with Passion Coaching with Ann Beazer

After 5½ years flying (including being the youngest promotion to Cabin Crew Manager) I was tired of the 4am starts, I wanted to escape the inflexibility of my roster, spend more time with family and friends and live a more healthy life.  I knew it was time to move on and I was seriously considering becoming a legal secretary for which I had a college diploma. I thought it was all that I had experience in.  And with hindsight I would have hated it.

Today I have an amazing job doing something I love.  I am an Events Coordinator in a business whose purpose is to Develop more Enlightened Leaders.  And I am on a career path to becoming a Practitioner too.

 To continue reading Leanne’s story visit

Last Month’s Book of the Moment

mind_over_matter book by Dr Lissa RankinIf you are interested, here’s the book in 18 minutes. Anthea a member of the Eleuthera community, directed me to Dr Lissa Rankin’s TED Lectures. Super if you like that kind of thing; after all the placebo effect is very topical To watch click on the link below.

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