November’s News 2013


Hi everyone.

I wish you the very best whatever you’re involved with this coming week.

1)   Announcement re First Tuesdays
2)   Mindfulness
3)   Brain foods – with a difference
4)   Work with Passion Coaching


Chris & I are really benefitting from the weekly sessions taking place in Eleuthera with Sean Collins, our Mindfulness teacher.   It’s amazing how we are both managing to find time to practise being present despite our all too busy lives.  I have known about the benefits of Mindfulness for ages. Now I have engaged with the experience I am slowly growing a new addiction (I hope); ably supported and encouraged by Sean, who really practises what he preaches.

I am sure there will be another series in 2014 if you’re interested.

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Brain Food

I have summarised just a few juicy points from a brain food article written by Marc David, the founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating (easily accessed on the web).

The following is nothing more than a reminder of what you already know!

Apart from eating fish, walnuts, blueberries, eggs etc. he refers to other brain foods which I certainly identify with – Love, Pleasure, Novelty, Listening and Truth.

1. Love
Love asks a lot of us and the brain loves new pathways, new neural grooves, and new opportunities to express its neuroplastic nature.   Love renews us.Love often has us do things that defy logic and make us ‘lose our mind’.  Good news since our mind often tortures us.
I agree – love sure does ask a lot of us!

2. Pleasure
From a metaphoric perspective pleasure makes the brain happy, it tickles us and has us feeling all warm and fuzzy.
From a more scientific perspective the experience of pleasure generates the relaxation response ie the parasympathetic nervous system is activated; the opposite of the stress response. So pleasure literally detoxifies the brain.
When did you last make time during a busy day to take a few minutes to focus on what gives you pleasure?

3. Novelty
Something new, however small or seemingly insignificant, feeds the brain!!!
Novelty means we‘re alive on planet earth and are willing and able to see things through fresh eyes and step out of habits.
Can you travel to work on a different route or do the washing up in a novel way?

4. Listening
Listening is not only something we receive, it’s also something we give.
Really listening to someone is one of the most generous gifts we can give someone.   Have you noticed how alive your brain becomes when someone is totally engaged with listening to you?
Listening does take time though it’s a short term investment for long term gain.

5. Truth
Truth is like a superfood that, even when taken in small doses, packs a big nutritional punch.  And don’t you also feel lighter too when the truth comes out?
Our brains can be hijacked and controlled by out dated belief systems.  Brains need to be set free.   And the truth does just that.  (Jesus said this.)
The world is starving for truth.  Hearts and minds are starving for it.
I want more of this superfood!

Work with Passion Coaching

I meet individuals discontent at work for a variety of reasons.  I encourage them to listen to this voice as it is the energy that enables them to find the new future that they can’t quite imagine.  I absolutely believe that it’s all about clarity, so the exercises I offer are designed to gradually allow a clearer picture to emerge.   Really knowing what knowing what you DO want and you DON’T want takes time and patience; that’s what Work with Passion is designed to achieve in detail.

To find out about upcoming events at Eleuthera visit my website

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