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World Kindness Day is November 13
world kindness day

Well that’s one day I have put in my diary!  What a great opportunity to focus on Random Acts of Kindness (RAK’s).

The aim on Thursday 13th is to do, consciously, what we know is best, both for others and for ourselves.

So let me begin by thanking each one of you in the Eleuthera Community for sharing your life journey and for being you, a unique human being.

Who in your daily routine might benefit from an extra RAK or two?  Apart from friends, family and colleagues there are all the people who are incidental to our everyday lives; the post person, shop assistants, call centre workers, ticket sellers, bus and train drivers …

And DO remember to be kind to YOURSELF too.

David R Hamilton clearly spells out the physiological and psychological benefits of kindness in his book  Why Kindness is Good for You.

Also David Hamilton happens to be in London with Alternatives on November 16, 10:30 am – 5:00 pm.

His topic – How your Mind Can Heal Your Body

kindness book











Stress Busting for Job Seekers – and for LIFE in General

First of all, 3 inspiring stories from the Eleuthera Community………I’m referring to the individuals as A, B and C to preserve anonymity.

Jobless for many months A was (not surprisingly) discouraged by the endless round of job applications, networking, interviews and refusals so she set herself the task of completing a triathlon.  OK fitness is her thing but nonetheless!!!!!

B experienced a traumatic life event.  She focused on her regular meditation routine and journal writing, impressing the medics with her progress.

C knew she needed to eat well in order to respect her body and optimise her health.  She decided to implement what she knew already – cutting out junk food and sugary stuff.  The result, in time, was feeling better with more stable energy levels.

Fact – the fitter our bodies the better our resilience to the stresses of life, whatever they are.

Like you, I know what to do, I just have to do it and take my ‘daily dose’.

Here’s my 1,2,3 daily prescription:

1 Move your Body

2 Breathe

3 Eat Right for YOU


1 Move Your Body

The more exhausted and low I feel the more I know it’s time to get moving.  Our bodies are made for movement!  And……


  • Exercise releases endorphins – those free, feel good chemicals!
  • Movement activates the energetic and lymph systems that depend on movement to function (since they have no pump, unlike the heart).

And it’s doesn’t need to cost a penny….

Put on your favourite music and dance.

Run up and down the stairs as many times as you can.

Use the stairs instead of the lift

Walk up escalators

There are many opportunities for ‘incidental exercise’ as I call it.

Better still get outdoors.  Walk briskly.  Offer to walk a neighbour’s dog.  Dig the garden (if you have one).

You know what suits you, I am just encouraging you (and me) to take our daily dose.  Simply writing an ‘X’ in my dairy as a record helps keep me motivated.  Real world – I don’t manage it every day!

AND finally – limit screen time.    Dr Michael Moseley of the BBC recommends that we stop and walk around every 20 minutes.

Raise your screen, stand up for a change; anything to stop sitting, sitting, sitting.

2 Breathe

FACT – deep, slow, deliberate breathing calms the body and mind whilst, shallow, quick breathing triggers the stress response in the body.

I am sure you have your own routines for breathing deeply and calmly.    Sitting still and being totally focused is such a basic and simple way to nurture our bodies.

Have you tried mindfulness/meditation?  There’s plenty of hard evidence that mindfulness and meditation influence wellness, reduce blood pressure, increases creativity etc.

Ruby Wax has plenty to say on the subject in her book ‘Sane New World’ that I have recommended before.

Also see

3 Eat Right for YOU

I know I can’t expect my body (my life partner) to thrive on junk, yet the more stressed I am,

the more sugar I crave.   What was normal for cave man and woman ie needing a quick burst of energy to escape for their lives is inappropriate for most of our 21st century stresses.

I know that eating foods with a low glycemic load helps even out energy highs and lows.

(If you’re don’t know what the best low glycemic are – it’s easy to find out.)

And as for eating mindfully and slowly when I am in a rush, that is a tough challenge!


1 Move your Body?

2 Breathe?

3 Eat Right for YOU?

to better enable ourselves to deal with the stressful events we all have to face. 


Making a Creative Journal as a Gift

creative journal

If you know the benefit of journaling, why not be creative and make a pre-prepared journal with colourful prompts as a Christmas present?  This is an ideal way to introduce someone to the value downloading thoughts and feelings in a creative way. This could really be ‘the gift that keeps on giving’.  I’d love to get a group together to do this.


I have made many journals as gifts, over the years, for both children and adults.   I can show you real examples and share my resource bank of ideas, prompts and materials with which you can be creative and make something unique for a special person in your life.

NB 1) You will need to have a particular individual in mind.

2) You will not finish the task in a day

Saturday November 29


£50 covers the cost of ALL the materials, plus a creative day for you.


Vision Board from Visioning Workshop with Ann

Start the New Year with a clean page.

Explore your ideas for 2105, set intentions and focus on creating realities

Monday January 5

Location – Eleuthera

0930 – 1630

Cost – £75



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