Patrick Holford’s Total Transformation Day


Patrick Holford’s Total Health Transformation Day was most informative as I anticipated. He was his usual maverick self, a style that I happen to enjoy. The supporting materials were excellent with an emphasis on creating an Action Plan at the end of the day – right up my street! Apart from the theory we also had tasting breaks with yummy ingredients. And yes I did have a companion to use the other ticket and attend with me. (Thank you to all of you who wrote saying that you would have taken up the offer had you been free.)

Key messages from a very full and informative day, from my perspective: + There is no doubt that our modern western diets are linked with disease – from diabetes to cancers, heart disease to arthritis. So there is some action we can take to protect ourselves, as best we can.

+ Optimum nutrition includes – (no surprises to you here I’m sure) Low GL (glycemic load) eating. Manage blood sugar levels throughout the day (with Low GL snacks) otherwise by 4pm you’ll be a “manic looking for a Mars bar”.  Yes reduced food intake – 3 days a week – is scientifically proven to be linked with longevity. Plenty of beans, nuts, seeds, soy, more fish, less meat. Caution with dairy – 1 person in 10 may (unknowingly) react to dairy products. Plenty of vegetables and fruits, especially the low GL ones, eg 600g of berries have the same affect on our blood sugars as 1 small apple or 1/4 small banana!

+ And finally ……..“Just accept that eating for health is being weird and against the norm.” That’s where I am at!

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