What really makes a ‘right’ decision?


I meet many people faced with BIG decisions about their careers and lives; situations in which they are naturally concerned to make the RIGHT choices.

But how do we do that?

Our intuitive nature is extremely reliable but social norms (in the West at least) tend to demand that we downplay our non rational abilities. We often ‘know’ something deep inside but ignore it because we want to rationalise our decision.  The result – we end up confused and exhausted by trying to think our way through a process that is ‘beyond thought’, way outside the grid of logic.

I see people struggling to rationalise why they need a new job when the present one is OK and pays the bills. They know they should be grateful they have a job so they try to silence what they ‘know’ deep inside.   eg “The work’s so boring, I can do it with my eyes closed’ or ‘The culture in the organisation is too aggressive’ or ‘I can’t relate to my boss’ or ‘They take me for granted’ or ‘I just need a new challenge’ or……………………………….  The consequences are dire – the individual’s ‘spirit’ wilts beneath the load of constant analysis and logic.

I am not suggesting that we ignore the grid of logic but do let’s acknowledge that it is only one aspect of decision making, not THE aspect.   Making the RIGHT decision involves the courage to tune into the ‘knowing intuitive within’, which is generally quiet (so quiet we often hardly hear it) though it keeps playing its tune.

Caroline Myss, the international author and teacher, asserts that intuition is a skill to be developed rather than a gift belonging to a privileged minority.   I agree with her.  However I am the first to admit that it takes great courage to live this way, since the traditional rational approach is comfortable, though limiting, in its familiarity.

Actually it’s NORMAL to be intuitive.  Let me encourage you to believe and trust in what you already ‘know’ ie an internal, constantly fresh experience.   That contrasts with ‘knowledge’ – an external experience, learned from other sources and soon out of date. We can never have enough KNOWLEDGE but we do have sufficient KNOWING, if we care to listen.

When it comes to decision making let your intuition sing and see where it takes you.

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