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Ruby Wax Sane New World by Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax in her staccato and irreverend style has more on the theme of “You Can Change your Mind and How You Think” in her book ‘Sane New World’.  She takes the lid off depression, one in four is a sufferer and 50% of cases occur by 14 years of age!  As a sufferer she went ‘back to school’ (Oxford University) and studied in order to learn strategies to help herself.

This book pokes fun at our crazy lifestyles and is certainly not just for the depressed!   She makes the science of stress accessible and describes how we all need to develop the skill of taming the mind.  She’s a fan of Mindfulness.  Frankly I found this the best pragmatic description of the power of mindfulness I have come across.

An easy but informative read.  How about asking your library to order a copy?

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