Discover My Way

Make BIG Decisions with Confidence

First things first.  Before you ever start trying to decide what job you want  you do need to stand back and identify WHO you are and WHAT makes you tick.   Put yourself in the position of being able to explain your interests, enthusiasms and your unique skills and talents.  You’re unlikely to made good choices unless you start with what makes you special in the first place.

You’d be amazed how many adults you know ‘fell’ into the job they now do.  You are likely to have many more choices than your parents ever had about their careers so that makes things more complicated.   Add to that the probability that you are most likely to have more many jobs in your career.   What better time to start than NOW?  Start developing the skills of Discovering YOUR own Way by knowing yourself.

Here are 3 exercises from my Discovering MY Way workshop to get you started.

1) Inspiring People

2) Accomplishments

3) Good day/Bad day

1)   Inspiring People

Who do you consider inspiring and why?  They may be alive or dead.  They may be someone you know really well or perhaps someone you’ve read about or seen in the media.


What makes this person/these people inspiring to you? Why?

2) Accomplishments

What have been your accomplishments in life?  Think back to when you were small; nothing is too small or insignificant to include.

Include your ‘public’ achievements – ie anything for which you have been acknowledged, in some form or other.  For example, exams passed, winning in sports, singing in a school choir, organising and making things happen, raising money for charity etc.

Also include activities or situations of ‘personal significance’ to you (of which others may be totally unaware) eg learning a new skill, encouraging a mate, being tolerant of a younger sister etc

3) Good day/Bad day

Consider what makes for a GOOD day and what makes a BAD day for you.

The list of prompts below might help start the process for you.   Nothing is too small or insignificant to mention.


What made it so?   An inspiring sunset, a sense of achievement, doing something for someone else, a sense of fulfillment etc?        

Who were you with?     Alone or with friends, fellow students, children/adults, in a team etc

What were you doing?   Talking, writing, thinking, reading, studying, partying, being creative, playing sports etc. 

What kind of information were you handling?   Visuals, numbers, words, video games etc

Where were you located?    Indoors/outdoors, standing, sitting, lying down, moving about etc


How was your level of energy during the Good day?    1 = low, 10 = high

KEY QUESTION                                                                             What/who gave you energy?


How was your level of energy during a Bad day?    1 = low, 10 = high

Look at the same questions again and answer the

KEY QUESTION                                                                                What/who gave you energy?


Make a plan to AVOID energy draining activities and people?    Instead FOCUS your time on energy giving activities and people that enable you to achieve what you set out to do.