Work with Passion

Find Work that Fulfils You

Work that generates interest and energy is what I mean by ‘Work with Passion’.   During my working life I have had times of being fulfilled at work and also times when I was frustrated and lacking challenge.  The trouble was that being unfulfilled and ‘just earning a living’ was energy draining and left me with less energy and enthusiasm for life in general. That’s key to why I encourage people to focus on finding work that is fulfilling and enjoyable.

Another way of putting this is – who wants to spend time with a friend or family member who hates what they do?

Equally what employer wants someone who’s not interested or enthusiastic about what they do?

Go to any social situation and someone will ask you what you ‘do’.   Looking at the funnel below you can see quite clearly that your job/career is the outcome of what goes into the top of the funnel.  It’s vital to know ‘WHO AM I’ so that you can make better choices of ‘WHAT CAN I DO?’

Very few people invest time in identifying and being clear about what they REALLY want, no wonder they don’t find it!

The number one task is to be CLEAR about:

A) WHO you are ie your skills, education, personality, experience, enthusiasms (and dislikes) and values.

B) WHAT you are looking for ie What do you really want

Here are just 3 exercises from my Work with Passion workshop to get you started:

1) Energy Search

What makes a Good day or a Bad day? Get started on this exercise now

2) Aspects of Work I Dislike

Change your Complaints into Needs… Get Started on this exercise now

3) The Magic of Now

What are the Best Aspects of your Present Job? Get started on this exercise now

(I bet there are some.)