Summer is almost here



Swan on a lake











Summer is almost here (in the UK).  It’s such a glorious time with plants are bursting into life.  I find myself drawn to the huge range of greens I observe as the trees come alive again.  The starlings nesting in the tree outside our back door, are very busy to-ing and fro-ing with worms for their hungry fledglings. And the swan, at the marina, has 3 cygnets as well as 5 more eggs to hatch.

Conversations with friends are filled with positive expectations about spending more time outdoors in nature, long lazy lunches in the sun (hopefully), or going away on holiday.   I wish you refreshing, nurturing days ahead.

Butterfly on a flower

Mojo Returns

Judging by the absence of Eleuthera newsletters you may have concluded that I had forgotten all about you.  So not the case!  There’s been quite a metamorphosis going on in my life.

I have been hiding in a cocoon experiencing a mighty dose of adrenal fatigue. So I have had no choice but to take a break,  ‘catch up with myself’ and ‘smell the roses’.   In computer speak it was as if I needed to close down completely to install a new operating system.

It’s involved pensioning off my ‘inner slave driver’, learning to sit still and do nothing – both a continuing challenge.  The benefits are a new appreciation of life, energy and relationships.  Playing and just having fun are now high on my agenda.


The Joy of Burnout by Dr Dina Glouberman










A friend gave me a copy of Dr Dina Glouberman’s book  The Joy of Burnout which has proved to be invaluable.  An irresistible title written by a wonderful woman who is full of life and wisdom born out of real experience.  A great book for people living adrenaline fuelled lives and who are teetering at the edge in stressful 21st-century living.

In brief here’s Dina’s definition “Burnout is the state of mind, body and spirit reached by those who have come to the end of a particular road but haven’t acknowledged this.”

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