Summer to Remember


summer to rememberI do hope you have enjoyed your summer; it’s certainly been one to remember for plenty of sunshine (and all that vitamin D)!

I have been in my element in the heat wave, though I appreciate that may not have been the case for you.    I have enjoyed the luxury of fun and ‘playtime’ balancing the more productive aspects of my life.     Here’s the evidence – drumming and singing with musician Tom Morley on my holiday where with 70+ special people

At the moment I seem to be surrounded by young people who have reached particular milestones and are now ready for a new chapter in their lives.   Whilst we may not have been taking exams, thankfully, the need to have something fresh to look forward to is such an important aspect of life, whatever one’s age.   Desires, hopes and new challenges are key to being fully human.

In that context I am offering a Vision Alive day at the end of September (in response to a number of requests I have received).

If you would like to spend a day tuning into your hopes and dreams, just text or call me on 07590 916762 (details below).

Vision Alive is best described as purposeful daydreaming applied to the real issues of life; it is a thoroughly private, absorbing, enjoyable activity, often with unexpected outcomes.  This is an opportunity to listen to the whisper within.  People find this approach both gentle, enjoyable as well as surprisingly profound.

There is absolutely no limit to what the process of Vision Alive can be applied to; for example moving home, finding a new job, improving a relationship, losing weight, living with a disease, planning a holiday or wanting more calm in one’s life.

Vision Alive provides an opportunity to expand your thinking and stay, just for a few hours, in the world of possibilities where anything goes, where there are no mistakes and where it’s possible to discover ideas that may never have revealed themselves.   I never cease to be amazed what magazines, scissors, glue and a large sheet of paper can reveal.

 ‘The truth in cutting and pasting’ as one participant put it.


Saturday 29 September

At Eleuthera,  Summer House  

PO20 7HJ 

  • Let go, relax, tune in and be open to surprises
  • Focus on whatever topic you want whilst in the encouraging company of others; private yet communal.
  • Be quiet. Allow your inner whisper to guide you
  • Expect a gentle though enjoyable experience, light though profound.

£25     0930 – 1630     Refreshments and materials are provided

NB Please bring your own lunch.


I meet some very talented people who have specialisms to offer and who might be persuaded to come to Eleuthera over the winter months.

Here are some ideas:


Creative Listening Developing Community

What is Ayurvedic Medicine?  (With Dr Sam Watts)

Weekly yoga class

Monthly art/writing day

Let me know what appeals, if anything and you can email me:

AND feel free to make suggestions too.

Thank you

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