Surfing the Waves of Feelings


Surfing the waves

In the space of just 24 hours this week I attended my neighbour’s funeral and the graduation ceremony for a Masters Degree of someone close and important to me. Both were serious rituals and both were celebrations, the former marked by sadness and tears, the latter fun and laughter.

It brought home to me again that the art of being fully alive is about VALUING ALL of our feelings, EXPERIENCING them and LETTING THEM GO so we are not to be stuck in yesterday’s reality.

I was watching surfers at the beach recently. Their aim – to surf the waves; the reality – many of them spend more time in the water than on their boards.  Success – all about mounting the board again to catch the next wave. Here’s to surfing the waves of life.

Freebie – Creative Journal Day – Monday 30th June

I use my journal a bit like a surf board, to get me up and going again. You’re welcome to join me for a day’s surfing the waves of life.

Make time to think.  Come and expand the variety of creative and colourful ways in which you can process life’s many challenges.

Easily accessible to anyone who doesn’t see themselves as either a writer or particularly creative.

When:    Monday 30th June
Time:   10-4pm
Cost :  No charge just a contribution to charity / Bring your own lunch
Materials: I have plenty of good quality inexpensive journals on the shelf.
Where:    Eleuthera Studio, Birdham, West Sussex
Book your place : 07590 916 762

Story Massage for Children Tuesday 24th June

Once upon a touch... Story Massage for Children

Story Massage for Children with Mary Atkinson, author of this book (and others).
Mary has taught many adults and children in the UK  as well as children and their teachers in the tsunami devastated area of Japan.
Are there children in your life who would benefit from learning Story Massage from you?

When:  Tuesday June 24th
Time:   10-4pm
Where:    Eleuthera Studio, Birdham, West Sussex
Book your place and find out

Work with Passion – One to One Coaching

I encourage people to express what makes them tick and explore what they really want. Because I absolutely believe that finding a new chapter is all about clarity. Really knowing what you DO want and DON’T want takes time and patience; that’s what Work with Passion is designed to achieve.

For future available coaching dates in July and August



Book of the Month:

The Midnight Rose by Lucinda Riley.
A good read for me on holiday.

Book cover the Midnight Rose

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