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Summer Newsletter

Living-Well with Ann Beazer

I do hope that you are enjoying more time outdoors (now that summer is really becoming summer) and refreshing yourself in whatever way best ‘regenerates your batteries’.

I made a huge (for me) decision to take a 3 month gap from Eleuthera activities during …

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News From Eleuthera | May 2014

Visioning – Give life to your dreams

Lana Visioning - workshop with Ann Beazer

Lana, a member of the Eleuthera Community, always makes a vision board when she is ready to discover her next step. She knows that trust is key to creating a …

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Why Kindness is good for you

I have recently read Why Kindness is Good for You by David R Hamilton; another Hay House ‘help you to feel good’ book!  The title of the first chapter grabbed me – Kindness is the Best Medicine.   If you are intrigued by scientific data that backs up a lot of what we ‘know/believe’ to be true, then …

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