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Summer to Remember

summer to rememberI do hope you have enjoyed your summer; it’s certainly been one to remember for plenty of sunshine (and all that vitamin D)!

I have been in my element in the heat wave, though I appreciate that may not have been the case for you.    I have …

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Time Flys by!

Time flys by!

Eleuthera Studio, Birdham, nr Chichester

It seems amazing that Eleuthera is now 4 years old.  Almost everyone who comes here comments on the peace and quiet, the ambience and the privacy that the space provides.  I have always said that the reality of my vision …

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Eleuthera News is back…

I am sure, like me, you have enjoyed this year’s glorious summer, relishing the freedom of time outdoors and the relaxation that warmth and sunshine bring.

I do hope you have had some ‘play’ time, whatever form that takes for you; when minutes or hours passed by unnoticed as you ‘watched the world go by’, laughed …

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News From Eleuthera | May 2014

Visioning – Give life to your dreams

Lana Visioning - workshop with Ann Beazer

Lana, a member of the Eleuthera Community, always makes a vision board when she is ready to discover her next step. She knows that trust is key to creating a …

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Looking forward to…

Longer days, warmer temperatures and daffodils everywhere; spring has definitely arrived. Now we can look forward to summer, my favourite season.

How important it is to have things to look forward to.  Recently I found a wonderful image of some young children (that became part of a collage I was making); looking forward to something wonderful …

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February’s News


I am writing this in a break between the showers; what ghastly consequences there have been for some people in this stormy weather.   I do hope that you are high and dry, in the best possible sense.

I can report that my 3 intentions for 2014 – to experiment, be creative and to de clutter – …

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First Tuesday and Mindfulness Course at Eleuthera in November

Eleuthera Studio, Birdham, nr Chichester

I have been quiet for a while since we’ve been celebrating some milestones in our lives.   Taking the time to look back and reflect has been enjoyable and provided some rich perspectives.

When did you last enjoy …

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First Tuesday – An Evening of ME Time


Ann Beazer First Tuesday

First Tuesday – Launch day August 6 – An Evening of ME time – 7-9pm. Several of you have already expressed interest in this – thank you. The aim is to have an evening off, enjoy a little creativity …

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Visioning for Singles

Hallo everyone

I do hope that you have some special plans for this Bank Holiday weekend – even if it’s to do nothing much except read a book or whatever you do to relax.  The weather is improving, so the weather forecasters tell us; hopefully we can all enjoy being outdoors.  Wouldn’t that be delightful?  (There’s a gale down …

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