Work with Passion

‘I overcame the sense that I could never change things.’

‘I learned how to use my network to find new job opportunities.’

‘I left one employer (which I found scary) and now happily work with 3 different organizations.’

‘At last I have allowed myself to do what I really always wanted to do.’

“Work with Passion allowed me to think differently and engage with alternatives. I went from tea trading to a new career in teaching.“

‘Thank you so much Ann. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you and I have now landed my dream job, without even knowing it was my dream!’

‘I had a really enjoyable time working with you and I think I have gained a lot of self-confidence and belief in myself from the time that we spent together. I have a clearer picture of what I definitely don’t want in my job and what I would like from my next job.’

Vision Alive

So many beautiful pictures. So sensual. The colours. It was so much fun I hadn’t really expected my selection to tell me anything. Oh yeah? And then I noticed a picture, right near the centre, pulling all the different threads of my life together.

5 days after leaving the workshop coincidences are already starting to occur as a result of the day we spent visioning. A builder knocked at our door…..

I have created collages of all the things I wanted to welcome into my life before, but with the Visioning course it was far more powerful experience. Starting with the meditation and the process of finding the images that resonated with me on that particular day, became far more impactful and a lot of fun.

Living Well

You want to see revolution in my fridge. I went out and made sure I had healthy snacks lined up for the rest for the week! I can’t wait to experience the results.

I wasn’t really sure what I was coming to; I just trusted you. I actually think this workshop will be the one with the most lasting value.

I’ve surprised myself. Now I know that looking after myself is so much more than being strict with myself!

Discover MY Way

‘Discovering MY Way made me realize what I really need to do first and how to do it.’

‘I left with much more confidence in myself.’

‘I can now see some clear possibilities for my future career.’

‘Going into the exam with a positive inner voice really helped keep me calm.’

Creative Journal

‘The variety of techniques, the pace, the approach were just delightful.’

‘I surprised myself that I could express ideas and feelings visually.’

‘The marvelous materials provided that triggered my creativity.’

‘…………expanded my horizons’

‘a real inspiration’

,’……………a fun, informal style’

A kind of self-therapy

Enjoyable yet amazingly profound.

Specialist Workshops

“Ann is a joy to work with, as she is highly organised and always comes well prepared. I cannot recommend her more highly!”
Mrs Benedicte Scholefield, Director, The Ammerdown Centre

“Ann asks questions and makes you think and go inside to get the answers, all in a calm environment and a safe way”.
Carolyn Sweeney, Creations, Chichester