Time Flys by!


Time flys by!

Eleuthera Studio, Birdham, nr Chichester

It seems amazing that Eleuthera is now 4 years old.  Almost everyone who comes here comments on the peace and quiet, the ambience and the privacy that the space provides.  I have always said that the reality of my vision was better than I could ever imagined and so it is.

I consider it appropriate to mark this occasion by sharing the intention with which I start every encounter in this space.  I now see that Eleuthera (Greek for freedom) is not only the ethos of this place but is a space we all need to find within ourselves, a space where we encounter ourselves, wherever we are.



A space where we are free to

Be ourselves,

To slow down, muse, refresh

Appreciate our gifts and talents


A space where we are free to

Live and think creatively

Share our enthusiasms

Play and just have fun


A space where we are free to

Listen to the inner whisper

Acknowledge suffering as life’s teacher and

Feed our souls with truth


A space where we are free to

Welcome new hopes and visions

Make new beginnings and

Discover choices often hidden from view


A space where we are free to

Practise gratitude

Take time for wonder and joy and

Encourage one another on life’s journey.


A community of encouragers

Do you know anyone (or anyone who knows anyone) who works in a video gaming business?

One member of our community, Jane, a talented video game designer who left university with a First in Computer Games Development (story development) back in the summer, is still job searching.  She is repeatedly facing the discouragement of being told that she doesn’t have enough experience.  What she needs is a break to put her talents to use in order to gain the experience she wants and needs.

Far from idling her time away, Jane is on line every day looking for commissions which bring her some work.

See Jane’s blog – for examples of her work and contact details.


New Year Special

Welcome 2016 by spending a day engaging with your dreams.  Make your own vision board (a very private pursuit) whilst surrounded by others equally engaged with their hopes and longings.Simple, profound and really enjoyable.
As one participant wrote – “This is the truth in cutting and pasting.”£50 covers your materials and a nutritious lunch.
Saturday 16 January 2016
Time: 09.30-16.30
Location: Eleuthera Centre,
Birdham, West SussexBook a place at hello@annbeazer.com
or call 07590 916 762

Work with Passion with Ann Beazer

Do you know some anyone who is agonising about their working life?  Maybe their existing job is exhausting because it is past its “sell by date”, or they know they want to move on to something new but don’t take the plunge because they simply don’t know which direction to take?Work with Passion provides a structured approach to enable individuals to move through the bewildering, confused phase to making a personal plan for developing a new future.
In the words of a participant – “I still love the job you helped me find. Work with Passion helped me so greatly to find something I didn’t even know I wanted.”There are 2 ways to experience Work with Passion:
In a group of no more than 6 people or
Designed specifically for your needs

Work with Passion Workshop

The next workshop is scheduled for
Saturday/Sunday 30/31 January
Time:  09.30-17.00
£150 for 2 days includes a full set of materials

Book a place at hello@annbeazer.com
or call 07590 916 762

Read more

Work with Passion Intensive

£300 for 2 days includes a full set of materials
(These can be concurrent or 2 separate days.)

To schedule One to One Intensive dates
Contact: hello@annbeazer.com
or call 07590 916 762

Location: Eleuthera Centre, Birdham, West Sussex


Loving me

I attended a day with Dr David Hamilton at the weekend on the science of loving oneself.   His focus was on the healthy sense of self worth we all need in order to be authentic.  A wonderful combination of serious science, honest reflections on his own journey and spiced with humour.

Have a look at his website or here is his latest book.

dr david hamilton i love me







Needing more energy?

Release your energy on these dreary winter days spend a few minutes with Donna Eden’s.

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