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Longer days, warmer temperatures and daffodils everywhere; spring has definitely arrived. Now we can look forward to summer, my favourite season.

How important it is to have things to look forward to.  Recently I found a wonderful image of some young children (that became part of a collage I was making); looking forward to something wonderful ahead – playing at what adults do!

Ann Beazer blog looking forward to the future

May we all have dreams to look forward to and not be too grown about them up either.

As Albert Einstein said  “Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

For this month I have taken the theme of

Looking Forward

  • MY BOOK OF THE MOMENT – mind over medicine by Dr Lissa Rankin

Set an intention

There’s a vast difference between hoping something might happen and daring to set an intention.  An intention requires risk together with the courage to believe in a benevolent universe.

I set the intention to write the April newsletter this morning.  Although February’s writing course taught me to ‘show up for the page’ whether I have any ideas or not, I heard the (welcome) sound of an email arriving with a wonderfully distracting taster in the corner of my screen just as I was starting the task!  Fortunately I indulged myself with the interruption.  It turned out to be encouraging news from a member of the Eleuthera community that gave me my subject matter. How one person’s energy influences another!

Just over a week ago Karen committed her vision to paper, in the form of a collage.  In today’s report she documents several synchronicities that have occurred and even news of a job she’s really interested in. “Allowing possibilities and free falling and its great…….at the moment!” (Her words, not mine.)

Otter II Sailing Season is nearly here


The boating season is about to start so please permit me a sailing analogy.  We set an intention (a course) and then ‘go with the flow’ of the tide and the winds.  But it’s impossible to ‘go with the flow’ if we keep ourselves tied to the shore!    Being controlled by our fears we’d never set out on a journey, so let’s not believe everything we think.


Don’t believe everything you think

The reality is that we all have a mischievous imposter (the inner saboteur) who discourages us in a myriad of forms from deluging us with totally logical points of view that effectively tie us up in knots, through to making sweeping judgements based on perfection as the benchmark – how ridiculous is that!
This is LIFE not a maths test!

This unwelcome imposter demands attention and requires control.  Impossible when life’s tough and we’re feeling bewildered, and even when everything’s looking rosy it still requires the big D of discipline to not believe every thought that launches into our minds.

Let’s practise on the good days; sift and sort thoughts in the context of living in a benevolent world.

If we are going to live a creative life it’s inevitably going to be messy, imprecise and certainly not logical. Don’t allow the Inner Saboteur to persuade you otherwise.

My book of the moment

Mind Over Medicine –  Scientific Proof  That You Can Heal Yourself  – Dr Lissa Rankin

An intriguing and interesting read.  I quote from the cover of the book

“When her own health started to fail, Dr Lissa Rankin knew there was something missing from her traditional methods: a recognition of the body’s innate ability to self-repair, and how we can use the mind’s power to activate this ability.”

Next Visioning Workshop – Sunday May 18

Visioning Day 22 March

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