Be Kind to Yourself


Be Kind to Yourself

I am sure you are busy with Christmas preparations.   Opting out of the hype seems easier said than done, however determined I am!

Christmas is a time of giving to others, which can be exhausting unless we are also kind to ourselves.  The idea of investing (a necessary activity) in ourselves rather than indulging (an optional extra?) in ourselves became the core theme at my recent Living Well weekend at Ammerdown.  Being at our best means managing our stress levels and building up our resources so that we can  give to others.

We came up with a list of small ways to invest in being kind and and gentle with ourselves, providing a gap between relentless activity and ‘busyness’ of our lives.  There’s nothing new of course.   In fact they are so obvious that I hardly dare mention them – but if it encourages one person to sit down and take a break I’ll have achieved my aim.
Take 2 (minutes)
–  a few deep breaths, focus on breathing to stop the mental chatter
– enjoy a Mandela moment – his humility, real power, clarity of purpose and ability to forgive are inspiration to us all!
Take 5
– breathe deeply whilst remembering a pleasant/enjoyable experience.
– make a cup of your favourite brew and do nothing except valuing your amazing body: no to do lists, no tel calls etc
Take 20
– go for a walk
– take a lunch break
Take ?
– enjoy a screen fast- how long can you detach yourself from the screens in your life?

And finally back to
Take 2 with a bit of positive thinking……
– appreciate 3 good things from your day so far
– use affirmations to encourage yourself eg
I know I can complete everything I want to do
I can ……………
– balance up all the hard work by declaring what you are looking forward to

Congratulations if you managed to get this far!

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