First Tuesday and Mindfulness Course at Eleuthera in November


Eleuthera Studio, Birdham, nr Chichester

I have been quiet for a while since we’ve been celebrating some milestones in our lives.   Taking the time to look back and reflect has been enjoyable and provided some rich perspectives.

When did you last enjoy looking back over some of your photos?  An hour soon disappears indulging in reliving rich memories.

For now let me turn to the busy month ahead at Eleuthera. There’s Mindfulness, Fireworks Massage, as well as a Visioning weekend and Work with Passion Coaching.

Due to popular demand, after the one day introduction in September, Sean Collins is back with a 4 week course on Monday evenings during November. To find out more download the Mindfulness course details.

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Next First Tuesday – November 5 – Fireworks Massage with Mary Atkinson

Mary Atkinson is a local complementary therapist, author and tutor. In April 2012, Mary used story massage with the children affected by the tsunami in Japan. During the evening she will share some of her insights and experiences during her trip to the disaster area.

As it is November 5th, we will have fun working together to create a story massage on a bonfire theme that can be shared with family and friends. No need to bring anything with you, just your enthusiasm!

Nor is there any need to book; also do feel free to bring a friend if you wish.   Our collection for charity that evening will be for the Japanese children that Mary will tell us about.

For the  First Tuesday Programme

Visioning – Give Life To Your Dreams

Vision Board from Visioning Workshop with Ann

Dare to dream, tap into your deepest longings and allow them to reveal themselves in a collage.  Then engage in a variety of ways to nurture your dream.
Only the other day someone wrote telling me about the amazing way her vision had developed, and how profound the visioning process is.  I know that for sure.
The next Visioning workshop is 16/17 November with a follow up day on 24 November. To view all upcoming  workshops dates or have a one to one session with me.

Work with Passion Coaching

I meet individuals discontent at work for a variety of reasons.  I encourage them to listen to this voice as it is the energy that enables them to find the new future that they can’t quite imagine.  I absolutely believe that it’s all about clarity, so the exercises I offer are designed to gradually allow a clearer picture to emerge.   Really knowing what knowing what you DO want and you DON’T want takes time and patience; that’s what Work with Passion is designed to achieve in detail.

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