What is Visioning?


What is visioning?

Purposeful daydreaming applied to the real issues of life; a private, absorbing, enjoyable and often surprising activity.  It’s an opportunity to listen to the whisper within.  People find that this approach gentle, enjoyable and surprisingly profound.

Olympic athletes spend as long rehearsing their minds as they do practising on the track. Visioning takes this approach to the more everyday challenges of life.

There is absolutely no limit to what visioning can be applied to.  For instance – moving home, a new job, improving a relationship, losing weight, living with a disease, planning a holiday.

Visioning provides an opportunity to expand your thinking and stay, just for a few hours, in the world of possibilities where anything goes, where there are no mistakes and where it’s possible to discover ideas we may never otherwise have thought of.   I never cease to be amazed what magazines, scissors, glue and a large sheet of paper can reveal.

‘The truth in cutting and pasting’ as one participant put it.

Another reported – “I thought I would work in another art gallery but took a job I was offered in a furniture design studio in the King’s Road.  Some months later I looked back at my vision board and there was the furniture store opposite the very one I was working in!  And I had hardly noticed it was there.”

What happens at a Visioning workshop?

Step 1) Set an intention – ie allow the theme/ headline you want to focus on to bubble into your mind.  NB It’s often not the idea you anticipated beforehand! (Everyone works on their OWN personal agenda.)

Step 2) Have fun selecting images, words, colours that appeal from a pile of old magazines.

Step 3) Create a collage/vision board.  NB That doesn’t depend on artistic ability; this is not a work of art but a revelation of something within.

Step 4) At the workshop you will be encouraged to surmount the natural hurdles and limitations we all experience, typically –
Experience tells me…..
This could never happen to me….
I don’t see how……
What will others think? etc
This is beyond my wildest dreams.

Step 5) Pay attention to what the images and words have to ‘say’.

Step 6) Expect to leave the workshop encouraged and with ideas for continuing to nurture your dream.

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