Creative Journal

Tap into your Intuitive Wisdom

♦ Are you a writer or an artist?  You certainly do not need to be to enjoy this workshop.
♦ Do you ever long for time to think things through thoroughly?
♦ Is it time to let go old baggage and do some mental de-cluttering?
♦ When did you last stop to reflect on what’s good and going well?
♦ Do you ever find yourself uptight and unable to express how you feel?
♦ How do you deal with an exasperating boss/teenager/partner who saps your energy and sense of well being?
♦ Do you want to feel lighter with burdens lifted?

A Creative Journal Workshop will enable you to:

♦ Discover a journal as an uncensoring friend
♦ Have time to think and work things out for yourself
♦ Try some unusual activities on paper and see where they lead you
♦ Express feelings, worries and moods
♦ Be encouraged and focus on the positive aspects of life
♦ Enjoy unleashing your own particular style of creativity
♦ Tap into your inner wisdom
♦ Why not be your own therapist?
♦ See the wood for the trees.  Gain a sense of perspective.
♦ Be amazed by how simple activities easily yield profound insights

How Can I Access Creative Journal?

Workshops vary in length from 1 day to a full weekend.

Some are held at Eleuthera and others at Ammerdown Conference Centre,, 01761 433094

About Ann

Originally introduced to ‘journaling’ in the mid 70’s, Ann has a wealth of experience in this genre. She continues to use the techniques, not so much as a rigid daily discipline, more as a tool for processing significant moments and events in order to live life to the full with all its many challenges.

Ann has studied with Dr Lucia Capacchione in California and is an accredited trainer in Creative Journal Expressive Arts.

For further information on the Living Well Workshops run by Ann Beazer contact us