Discover MY Way

Discover MY Way is ideal for  students facing choices about their futures.

Make BIG Decisions with Confidence

♦  Do you wonder what job you will do one day?
♦  Have you decided whether or not to go to university?
♦ What criteria do you use to make your choice of university or further education?
♦  What course should you take?  What is going to be best in the long run?
♦  Have you had enough of studying? Do you want to find a job that fulfils and rewards you?
♦  Are you confused by all the advice you are receiving?
♦  Are you worried about making the right decisions?
♦  Since everything depends on the grades you get, do you want to explore alternatives?

Discover MY Way will enable you to:

♦  Build confidence in yourself and in your abilities
♦  Manage the pressures you face rather than feeing submerged by them
♦  Clarify what you are good at and enjoy
♦ Identify your skills and strengths
♦  Develop a vision for your future
♦  Use decision making ‘tools’
♦  Understand the power you have to build your own positive future
♦  Plan your  own “Discover MY Way” project

A Parent’s Comment

I would highly recommend this workshop to all parents of teenagers. The weekend allowed M to focus on herself, to figure out what she enjoyed doing and what she would like to do in the future. She appreciated the way she was not told what she should or should not do, but gently given skills to help her make choices for herself, how to prepare for future college interviews etc. She came home with a tool kit of materials, which she could work with. After the weekend she certainly had more confidence in herself to choose her ‘A’ Levels, and I am sure it helped her with her college interview.

I shall be booking her younger brother a place when his time comes too.


How can I access Discover MY Way?

As a 2 day workshop .   You can start immediately with Discover MY Way Self start

For more information on Discover MY Way workshop please  contact us