Living Well

Nurture Your Self

♦  Do you want to Live Long or Live Well?  Both I presume.
♦  Are you drowning in media advice about how to look after yourself? Do you want to sort the hype from the essentials?
♦  Do you find yourself confused by constantly changing health information and advice?   Having embarked on a particular approach you then discover that what was IN is now OUT!
♦  What’s the best diet?  Is there such a thing?
♦  What are some simple ways to manage stress?
♦  Do you respect the wonderful job your body does to support you each day?  Would you describe your relationship with your body as a partner or a slave to your whims?
♦  What is ‘good nutrition’?
♦  You probably know all the answers already.  You just need some time and encouragement to examine the data and identify the best plan for YOU.

Living Well will enable you to:

♦  Discover ways to enhance your energy
♦  Tune into your own intuitive wisdom and take the future in your hands
♦  Improve stress management using a simple biofeedback device
♦  Enjoy and celebrate eating.  The workshop food is wholesome, largely plant based and organic whenever possible.
♦  Do your own research with food labels and health resources
♦  Explore the ethics of food
♦  Make sure exercise is enjoyable and fun
♦  Leave feeling encouraged and with your own Self Nurturing Plan
♦  Enjoy being creative and having fun too.

About Ann

Ann brings together many years of experience leading stress management seminars and has a life long interest in nutrition, exercise and the power of the mind.

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