Work with Passion

♦  Are you feeling stuck in a ‘perfectly good’ job that is frankly past its ‘sell by date’?  What you once found challenging you can now do ‘with your eyes closed’.
♦  Has your job come to an end? Have you been made redundant?   Now you want to find work where you can use your skills and experience to the full.
♦  Are folks advising you to stick with the job you have in these hard times?  Unfortunately they just don’t see that it saps all your energy and enthusiasm. And your inner voice whispers; “Surely I deserve better than this!”.
♦  Are you frustrated? You know you need a change but you haven’t a clue what else you could do.  You get together with your friends and talk about all that’s wrong about work.
♦  Are you stressed and overwhelmed by your work challenges? Are you a ‘round peg in a square hole’?
♦  Does the idea of spending a day or two totally focused on your own career development appeal right now?

Work with Passion will enable you to:

♦  Stop making do with what you have today and embark on a new future.  Adopt some fresh thinking.  Tap into your hopes and dreams.
♦  Restore your energy, vitality and focus.  All employers and clients look for enthusiasm and commitment.  That’s impossible if you dread going to work every day, however experienced or qualified you may be.
♦  Increase your clarity about what you really want.  There’s little chance of finding fulfilling work if you haven’t explored who you are and what you’re about.
♦  Grasp the initiative and take control.  Do more than just hope things will change.  Turn today’s  frustrations into needs for the future.
♦  Identify and appreciate your particular skills and expertise and see them as transferable.  There’s no need to turn yourself inside out or try to be someone you are not.
♦  Create a vision of the future.
♦  Build your confidence in WHO you are and WHAT you have to offer.
♦  Explore choices – they are out there. A ‘career’ is likely to comprise a series of very different jobs yet hardly anyone has been taught job search skills!

Enjoy a thoroughly enjoyable and fresh approach to career transitions.

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How can I access Work with Passion?

Either as One to One Coaching or in a Work with Passion Workshop. 

You can start immediately with  Work with Passion self start

For further information contact Ann or alternatively lets have a conversation call Ann on 07590 916 762

You can download a Work with Passion information for further information contact Ann

About Ann

During her career Ann has experienced the boredom of being under-challenged as well as the exhileration of riding the waves of huge demand.  She has has been employed, freelance, a civil servant, jobless for a while, and more recently a businesswoman and teacher.

Work with Passion is based on real work place experience.   Ann also draws on her participation in Richard Bolles 15 day What Color is Your Parachute programme and her accreditation in Creative Journal Expressive Arts methods.